Sportsman Series
Rear End Pumps
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  two different scavenge manifolds
Scavenge Manifolds
We offer custom built scavenge manifolds, as well as keeping some popular sizes in stock. Please contact us with your specs or for more information.
  two drive cogs with drive beltDrive Cogs & Belt
28+ 1.5 width lightweight
16+ crank drive assembly
Includes 1 or 2 groove water pump pulley or power steering pulley
Drive for pump on 1" mandrell and front cap
  rear mount fuel pump drive kitRear Mount Fuel Pump Drive Kit
We offer this kit for any of our pumps with the exception of our Sportsman Series. At this time, cost is $155.00
  Mounting Blades
Also available:


SBC .475
SBC center support bearing & window
SBC .200 Thick with window
BBC without window
BBC center support bearing & window
BBC .200 Thick
SBC .475 with window SBC .200 Thick BBC with window BBC .200 Thick with window
Dodge Super Truck with window Dodge Reynard Indy Style Sprint Front Cover Mount
Also available:


Ernie Elliot Ford .200 Thick with window
Ford Ernie Elliot Ford with window & support bearing Bert
  Front Cap Assembly


Sportsman Series Pro Series
  Rear Cover


Sportsman Series Pro Series


  Replacement Parts
Std. Hsg Sizes .975   $65.00   Gear sets   $65.00
  1.200   $65.00       $65.00
  1.450   $65.00       $65.00
  1.700   $90.00       $90.00

Small Parts Kit

Includes all O-rings, woodruff keys, small hardware, front seal screws & clips   $25.00

Rear Pressure Bypass

Std. $170.00   Pro Series $210.00   Reverse Rotation $170.00

Divider Plates

.100   $35.00

Main Shaft

Single $60.00   2st $60.00   3st $75.00   4st $85.00   5st $100.00

Idler Shaft

Single $50.00   2st $50.00   3st $50.00   4st $50.00   5st $55.00

Draw Studs

Single $10.00   2st $10.00   3st $12.00   4st $14.00   5st $14.00

Internal Allen Nuts

$2.00 each



Top Plug


Adjuster Assembly

$15.00, includes threaded screw nut & O-ring


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